Little Sahara Utah Sand Mountain | Engagement

Are you looking to visit Little Sahara Utah Sand Mountain? I’d love to share some of my favorite pictures from this session, the best time to visit, and photography tips for capturing your session in Little Sahara. If you have further questions, you can Contact me here.

Best time for visiting Little Sahara

The best time to visit Little Sahara for your engagement session is 2 hours before sunset. This location is best all year round. The cost to enter is roughly $18 per vehicle for one-night. However, the annual permit is $120. You must pay the entrance fee to enter the park. You can do this by putting cash in the inside of an envelope, filling out the form, and dropping your payment in the box. Unfortunately, I forgot to bring cash to this location but thankfully they made it super easy for me to connect to their wifi at the entrance. You can pay online for the entrance fee. This engagement session was captured in June.

Photography tips for capturing your session in Little Sahara

To make the most of your visit to Little Sahara, here are a few photography tips to help you capture the beauty of this extraordinary destination:

1. Explore Different Angles: Experiment with different angles and perspectives to create unique compositions. Get low to the ground or climb atop a dune for a bird’s-eye view.

2. Play with Light and Shadows: The shifting sands and dynamic light at Little Sahara offer endless opportunities for creative photography. Capture the play of light and shadows on the dunes to add depth and dimension to your images.

3. Capture Authentic & Candid Moments: I believe it is important to add movement to poses. This will incorporate more of a natural look for your session.

If you are looking for a Utah Photographer. I will be your bestie. I am located in Salt Lake City and I would love to work with you! Contact me to find out more about planning a session.  I promise we’ll have fun!  To see more Utah Sessions like this cute one, follow along on the Instagram!

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