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This is PERFECT for you, if you have questions for your business. Whether it is for Small Business Finances, Set Up Process, Marketing, Budgeting, Pricing, Insurance, etc.

I know, when I started my business, I wished I can reach out to someone for assistance or questions. This is your time to shine. I'd love to help as best as possible.

I do believe it is important to learn from one another.

Virtual Mentorship (1-90 minutes)

$400 plus taxes

Let's get you scheduled

I believe having a website is important but it can either make you your break you.

In our meeting, we will discuss your Website whether you are speaking to a particular audience, any recommendations, find why people are not inquiring, and to see if you are hitting SEO.

We will therefore review your social media as well.

Website + Social Media Review 

$500 plus taxes

Let's get you scheduled

family pricing guide template

A Canva Family Pricing Guide Template that is Pre-written for your business. You can add your images to reflect your work. Then you can adjust the wording to make it sound more like you!