Family Photographer in Utah | Blackwater Family

Are you looking for a Family Photographer in Utah? Look no further. I’ve been doing the Blackwater’s family pictures for about 2 years now.

I was able to spend the evening with The Blackwater Family and it was the most fun! This family is very dear to me and I feel very fortunate to be able to capture many special moments.

I loved the time I spent with them and I hope it comes through the image I was able to capture.



Family Photographer in Utah
Family Photographer in Utah
This Small Family Session was located in North Salt Lake, Utah.

If you are looking for a Family Photographer in Utah. I will be your bestie. I am located in Salt Lake City and I would love to work with you! Contact me to find out more about planning a session.  I promise we’ll have fun!  To see more Utah Family Sessions like this cute one, follow along on the Instagram!

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